walk1 [ wɔk ] verb ***
▸ 1 move with feet
▸ 2 go with someone on foot
▸ 3 give pet exercise
▸ 4 move heavy object
▸ 5 leave job permanently
▸ 6 disappear or be stolen
▸ 7 be freed in legal trial
▸ 8 in baseball
▸ 9 travel in basketball
1. ) intransitive to move forward by putting one foot in front of the other:
Has your little boy learned to walk yet?
I like to walk around the lake at sunset.
walk to: It takes me 25 minutes to walk to work.
walk toward: Greg walked slowly toward her, smiling.
walk in/into: Howard walked in with two men I'd never seen before.
walk along: As we walked along she talked about her plans.
walk across: I walked across the noisy playground to the main entrance.
walk around: Jamie often walks around the block to clear his head.
walk down/up: He walked slowly and unsteadily down the hall.
a ) transitive to go a particular distance by putting one foot in front of the other:
He had scarcely walked ten yards before he stopped.
She walked three miles each day.
walk it (=go somewhere by walking rather than in a vehicle): If the car's not working, I'll just have to walk it.
2. ) transitive to go somewhere with someone on foot in order to be sure they safely reach the place:
When Valerie worked late, Carl always walked her home.
3. ) transitive to walk with a pet so that it gets exercise:
Bob always walks the dog before he goes to bed.
4. ) transitive to move a heavy object such as a piece of furniture by moving one side and then the other
5. ) intransitive INFORMAL to leave your job permanently: QUIT
6. ) intransitive INFORMAL to disappear or be stolen
7. ) intransitive INFORMAL to be legally given your freedom after being on trial for a crime:
No one understands why Melissa's been allowed to walk.
8. ) intransitive or transitive AMERICAN in baseball if a PITCHER walks a BATTER, or the batter walks, the batter goes to FIRST BASE because the PITCHER has thrown the ball badly four times
9. ) intransitive AMERICAN to TRAVEL in the game of basketball
walk someone's feet off INFORMAL
to make someone tired with a lot of walking:
She's walked my feet off with all that shopping.
walk on eggshells/eggs
to be very careful how you behave around someone because you might easily make them angry or upset
walk on water
to do something that seems nearly impossible:
As an attorney, he's considered capable of walking on water.
walking on air
so happy that everything in life seems good:
Since their engagement, he's been walking on air.
,walk a`round phrasal verb intransitive INFORMAL
to dress or behave in public in a particular way, especially when this makes you look or seem silly:
I can't walk around with my hair like this.
You're not walking around in that hat?
,walk a`way phrasal verb intransitive
to leave a place, situation, or person:
Spencer turned to walk away, then stopped.
,walk a`way with phrasal verb transitive walk away with something
1. ) to feel a particular emotion when you leave a situation:
We can all walk away with a clear conscience.
2. ) to win something easily:
The Bears could walk away with the championship.
3. ) to steal something:
Someone walked away with my purse!
,walk `in on phrasal verb transitive
walk in on someone to walk into a room where someone is doing something private or secret:
More than once, he walked in on them kissing.
`walk ,into phrasal verb transitive walk into something
1. ) to accidentally hit a part of your body against something when you are walking:
I walked into a table and got a nasty bruise.
2. ) to find a job easily
,walk `off phrasal verb
1. ) transitive to get rid of a bad feeling or condition by going for a walk:
He went to the beach to try to walk off his hangover.
2. ) intransitive to leave somewhere, usually without telling people that you are going to leave:
Don't walk off yet, I haven't finished my story!
,walk `off with phrasal verb transitive walk off with something
1. ) to steal something:
You can't just walk off with his jacket.
2. ) to win something easily:
Maybe she'll walk off with the first prize!
,walk `on phrasal verb intransitive
to continue walking in your intended direction:
She walked on without a backward glance.
,walk `out phrasal verb intransitive
1. ) to suddenly leave a person who needs you or a situation that depends on you:
Her husband had walked out on her a year before.
I was afraid you'd walk out of my life again.
2. ) to stop working as a way to protest something:
All of the workers walked out on Friday night.
,walk `over phrasal verb transitive
walk over someone to treat someone badly and make them do what you want without respect for their feelings:
walk all over someone: I'm not about to let them walk all over me.
,walk `through phrasal verb transitive
walk someone through something to practice or learn something in a slow patient way, or show someone how to do something:
She walked James through the basics of money management.
Can you walk us through your reasons for wanting the job.
walk 2 [ wɔk ] noun count ***
1. ) a short trip that you make by walking:
It's an easy walk from our house to the post office.
a ) a distance or amount of time it takes to walk somewhere:
My office is a five-minute walk from the downtown bus station.
b ) the way that someone walks:
I can recognize Joan by her walk.
c ) go for/go on/take a walk to walk for pleasure rather than for practical reasons:
Let's go for a walk before it gets too hot.
Feel free to take a walk around the garden.
d ) take someone/something for a walk to walk with a person or animal:
Chris took the dog for a walk after work.
2. ) a road or path that people walk on, especially through a pleasant area:
The walk to the beach took them through a small forest.
a ) a path across someone's grass or garden that is often made of hard material for people to walk on:
He came up the walk, whistling and smelling the roses.
3. ) an event in which people walk a particular distance and ask friends to give them money for how far they walk. The money is given to CHARITY:
the breast cancer walk
4. ) AMERICAN in baseball, an occasion when a BATTER gets to walk to FIRST BASE because the PITCHER has thrown the ball badly four times
from all walks of life
used for saying that a group consists of all types of people with different backgrounds, jobs, etc.
take a walk
an insulting way to tell someone to leave a place or situation

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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